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*NEW CREATURE* Naga Hatchling

$30.00 USD

A Mythical creature brought to life. Naga are beings of nature, protectors of water sources. They are thought to bring rain for prosperity but they can also cause floods and droughts. You must take extra care of these darlings when you bring them into your homes. Placing them near a source of water will give these young ones something to guard and protect.

Please be gentle as these darlings have yet to gain full control over their powers or teeth. These little ones are just hatchlings and have not taken on their part human form.

Batch 1:

Ball - Ball Python patterns

Leucistic - white w/ black eyes

Melanistic - Black w/ white eyes

Ghost - White w/ white eyes

Volcano - Magma coloration

Ocean - Blues w/ corals

Forest - Greens w/ moss

Cosmos - Galaxy

Rarity - Pinkish Purple w/ red eyes

Statue - Copper w/ patina

Custom - Custom painted(leave note at checkout)

Resin Cast, Hand painted figures. Each unique in their coloration.

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