Lava Puppy Clutch *NEW VARIATION**

$30.00 USD - $40.00 USD

Introducing the Lava Clutch! This little batch of Lava Pup Babies are just the cutest little spawns! This is a set of 6 figures, each set will be randomly colored, with base 5 set plus 1 random style.

Styles in a set:
- 1 sitting up
- 1 hatching egg sack
- 1 curled up
- 1 laying on belly
- 1 laying on back

These are handmade resin cast pieces. Roughly 1.5 in x 1.5 in in size, Lava Puppy in last image for size scale.

Bag-O-Babies is a small mesh bag filled with unpainted Clutch.
Jar-O-Babies is a glass jar filled with Painted Clutch.
Mystery Clutch is a box filled with a mystery variety of colors either raindow, swirly, or gitd.